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June 6th Training: elements of passing & transitioning to defense…

The Passer...
I see where you’re going…

Task #1: Read over the following components of passing & transitioning from attack to defense…

Task #2:¬†Either post a comment & add to the information or ask a question for clarification regarding the information…

Task #3: Click on the link below to watch the videos & take the quiz…

  • Passing: An individual technique
    • What is the accuracy of my pass; to the players feet, into space?
    • Is my pass correctly weighted; too strong, too weak?
    • Is my pass correctly timed; too early, too late?
    • Does my pass have deception; my body shape, my eyes?
  • Transition to defensive decision making
    1. Where is the dangerous space in relation to:
      1. the ball?
      2. the defenders’ goal?
      3. the defenders’ position on the field?
    2. How can I get goal side?
    3. Should I pressure & challenge for the ball?
    4. How do I cover my pressuring teammate?
    5. When should I tackle for the ball?
    6. Do I know how to properly tackle for the ball?
    7. How do seal off or cover dangerous space?

Watch the videos, take the quiz (click on quiz), & comment or ask questions below…